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Multiple UV disinfection applications
lt's our job to protect you. your clients, employees, visitors and everyone else who enters your space. We do it via acollection of popular, low cost products powered by LED UVC technology.Here are some of the most popular ways our UVC product are used for disinfection.
British company office resumption project
Warehouse Sanitation and Disinfection Project
Yoga studio project
As the epidemic slowed down, the customer resumed work for the company, and for the sake of employees’ health, purchased 5 4Bay PURIFICATION Lights and installed them on the ceiling of the company so that employees would not worry about safety and health.
During the epidemic, in order to prevent the virus from entering the warehouse, the warehouse items are attached. In order not to cause unnecessary losses, the customer installed 4 4Bay PURIFICATION lights on the ceiling of the warehouse, so that users can rest assured of the safety of the product.
There is a risk of infection in places where a large number of people gather. Customers worry that being notorious for virus outbreaks and other infections could cause illness, damage the brand, and destroy profit margins.
So I bought a 4Bay-UV sterilizer (mobile phone) to purify the indoor environment and prevent the spread of pathogens.
Company office air purification project
Treatment Center Air Purification Project
Classroom Air Purification Project of Oakland University, USA
The customer purchased 10 UV-C Purifiers to purify the air circulation system in the classroom, so that teachers and students no longer worry about their health and safety issues. The customer is very relieved of the product and has a good evaluation of our products.
The customer uses UV-C Purifier-X1 to purify the dense and complex space environment to prevent the spread of viruses and germs, allowing employees to work in a safe and healthy environment. Customers are very confident in our products
Dentists and therapy centres, physiotherapy practices, osteopaths,chiropractors, sports injury centres and more all need to take extra care these days to keep patients, visitors and employees safe from viral infections.


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