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Surface disinfection series of UV purifier
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As the threat of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms increases, UVC LEDs are becoming the method of choice to deliver on-demand, quantifiable surface disinfection at the point of need.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method where UVC light is used to inactivate microorganisms by disrupting 

their DNA/RNA and leaving them unable to reproduce.

How UV Light Purifies Air?

So, how can UV-C light, a natural product of the sun, help purify indoor air?

It all has to do with the UV-C lights ability to destroy cells. 

UV light harms cells by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, which either kills them or leaves them incapacitated. 

After prolonged exposure to UV light, cells are unable to perform their vital functions.


The effectiveness of germicidal UV depends on the duration a microorganism is exposed to UV, 

the intensity and wavelength of the UV radiation, 

the presence of particles that can protect the microorganisms from UV, 

and a microorganism's ability to withstand UV during its exposure.


4Bay Purification Light

  • 50/100/150/200W

  • The Truly Effective Purification Wavelength: Ultraviolet C

Benefits of 4bay purification light

  1. Minimal additional spend with lower operational costs than regular gas fluorescent lighting

  2. 8 times UVC output & 5 times life span than UV tube

  3. Intelligent controls detection controls protect the workforce from any harmful UVC radiation dosage

  4. No additional installation except 4Bay lamp itself, easy to operate and maintain

  5. No Mercury & Ozone emissions during operation together with no 'end of life' disposal issues

  6. Keep the operation area under lights clean from pathogenic bacteria

  7. Inbuilt safeguards against exposure

  8. Silent potent disinfection providing assured peace of mind

Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

  • 50/100/150/200W

  • The Truly Effective Purification Wavelength: Ultraviolet C

Benefits of 4bay purification light

  1. Spectral Wavelength: 200-280nm 

  2. Mobile & Single Placement

  3. Motion Sensor Protection

  4. Flexible Target Disinfection Area

  5. Easy to transport and store

  6. Electric Lift: Controllable up and down position convenient operation, save time

  7. Convenient:  One key rising the pole, maximum height 1.5m


UV light is hazardous to most living things. 

Skin exposure to germicidal wavelengths of UV light 

can produce rapid sunburn and skin cancer. 

Exposure of the eyes to this UV radiation can produce extremely painful 

inflammation of the cornea and temporary or permanent vision impairment, 

up to and including blindness in some cases. 

So, when the device is turned on, please leave immediately!

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