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Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the founding of COMING Technology
Source: | Author: COMING | Release time : 2021-11-01 | 627 Views: | 分享到:
COMING Technology's 10th Anniversary Celebration...

Ten years of experience, ten years of development, ten years of years, looking back on the past, 

a series of ordinary and passionate historical fragments, each of us shines in each other's eyes.

On the tenth anniversary of the founding of COMING Technology, we gathered together to celebrate together.

Along the way, thank you for your company, every ten years in the future, 

we still hope that you will be with us all the way!

Thanks, cheers!

Kongming Science and Technology Park, No. 25, Changjin Road, He'ao, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen


Add: No.25,Changjin Road, Coming Innovation  Park, Longgang.


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