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UVC R&D Service
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Under the influence of the epidemic, the UVC purification lighting market has shown an upward trend. In the fierce price war, in order to find new profit points, the market has been subdivided and a long-term and unique product action plan can be formulated. Effectively reduce the pressure of price wars in the industry and provide precise UVC products for market segments.

 Our specific process

 Advantage on R&D

● Accelerated Delivery

   It usually takes 1-5 days from idea to drawing, 3 weeks from drawing to prototype samples, and 3 months from samples to mass production capacity.

● Easy Participation

     The object-orientated design method provides 3D drawings/pictures. These can be adjusted and modified, thus allowing you to deeply participate in the design. 

● Trustworthy

    Rich design experience, reduce design errors. Full protection on your intellectual property and assured exclusivity only partnered with you.

● Affordable

    No MOQ request on production. Use our existing products' technology and components to minimize costs.

 Example: UV Solution for ducts

  • Feature: Safer, Long lifetime, Easy to install

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